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Topo Designs’ Dopp Kit is an ideal travel companion, whether you’re off to scale Everest or bourbon tasting in Kentucky.

Topo Designs Duffel Bag

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24″l x 12″ w



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Duffel bags are back in a big way. Not only are they the perfect all-purpose bag for the gym, the office, and weekend jaunts, but carrying one around gives a jacked trapezius look. And this classic but ultradurable version is our new go-to. It’ll stand up to your sweaty gym clothes and airport bag handlers—and it has inside zipper pockets to keep your wallet and keys easily accessible.

How to Use

The duffel’s Cordura shell is the equivalent of high-tech armor for your gear, while the coated nylon pack cloth liner makes for a cozy, waterproof interior. The durable leather handle softens over time and adjusts nicely to your grip—and, if carrying bag-in-hand is too much for your hike up the Continental Divide, there’s a seatbelt-grade, detachable shoulder strap.

1000d CORDURA® fabric outer with coated pack cloth liner, Natural leather lash tabs, Natural leather handle, YKK Made in the USA zippers, heavy duty metal hardware

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Great travel bag - durable, built to last, easy to find

I love this bag. I have a orange one. If you live in the bay area and you want to check it out before one buying online check out gorilly. Thanks

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Topo the line duffel

Great Duffel Bag; Carry On Sized.

As someone who travels once to twice a week for the past 13 years on a plane a solid carry on is the only way to go. This duffel surpassed my expectations on size, organization, and durability thus far.

The bright interior makes it easy to find items and the construction doesn't make me sheepish about throwing it around the airport or (god forbid) check it. The thick leather handle is a plus when transporting heavy items.

If you are in need of a basic duffel that will last i highly recommend this one.

color purchased: black

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Well Constructed Duffel

This is a great bag. Sturdy, durable and well designed. I would defiantly recommend this product to anyone who travels alot.

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perfect all purpose bag

I love this bag. It's the perfect size for a one week holiday or an extra long weekend. It was lightweight and easy to carry but still rugged looking. I highly recommend this for those that want to travel in style! The orange is fun and bright but not as bold as the camo. You can't go wrong with this.

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