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Birchbox Breakdown

Dopp kits are meant to organize your instruments of the hygienic craft—not add bulk to your carry-on (which, let’s face it, is already pushing the acceptable size limitations). This streamlined toiletries case is lean and mean, but still large enough to hold everything you need to look good on the go.

How it Works

The colorful, triangular design makes for easy visibility for when you’re digging in your luggage for your razor. The bag is made from Cordura fabric (like a really durable canvas) and lined with water resistant pack cloth—so that shaving cream and toothpaste residue won’t muck up your nice suit.

How to Use

Prop your bag on the sink ledge—its triangular shape means it won’t slouch—unzip and get busy.

1000d CORDURA® fabric with coated pack cloth, Sturdy YKK zipper, parachute cord hook loop

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