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All Day Strengthening Serum Drop of Strength All Day Strengthening Serum 1
Dr. Brandt

All Day Strengthening Serum

A universal first-step formula designed to enhance skin resilience: the foundation for a stronger skin barrier function, leading to a healthier and more glowing complexion.

Ultra-light and formulated with 91% natural ingredients, this pre-serum is highly regarded for its rapid absorption into the skin, allowing you to apply it even before your favorite serum! A pre-serum is a game-changer for skin resilience. In fact, healthy and resilient skin is better prepared and more adept at embracing the subsequent steps, resulting in the ultimate skincare experience. By saturating your skin with Immubarrier Complex™, it elevates the effectiveness of the rest of your routine.


  • Provides instant hydration to even the driest skin
  • Reinforces your skin barrier to fend off damage from urban stressors like UV rays and pollution
  • Renders the skin smooth and radiant, with a youthful bounce
  • Enhances the overall efficiency of the rest of your routine


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