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Daily Detox Brush Daily Detox Brush 1
Daily Concepts

Daily Detox Brush

Daily Concepts consistently works to ensure that your shower and bathing experiences are elevated so The Daily Detox Massage Brush was made perfect for your skin before your shower routine. The Daily Detox Massage Brush is dry brush with massaging nodules to help with blood circulation. The bristles are natural and made of FSC beechwood with a vigorous texture that removes dead skin cells. This tool is great for preventing cellulite and leaving skin baby soft.


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How to use it

Before the shower, take the Daily Detox Massage Brush and massage on dry skin in circular motions on the body. Use as a pre-shower ritual on completely dry skin. Replace your dry brush every 4-6 months. Do not wet it, it will compromise the integrity of the bristles and effectiveness of the dry brush. Use a lotion or a nourishing oil after use to prevent dry skin after the dry brushing shower ritual.


  • Bristles 100% Natural
  • Nodules synthetic rubber
  • Strap Polyester
  • Beachwood