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EXO Supply Co. Pure Remover Wipes (Set of 10) PureRemover Wipes - Lavender 1
EXO Supply Co.

EXO Supply Co. Pure Remover Wipes (Set of 10)

6 reviews
Polish chips are a fact of life, but with a few of these remover wipes packed in our bags, we don’t have to walk around with gnarly nails until the end of the day. The acetone-free remover is made of organic, plant-based ingredients and conditioning essential oils that don’t leave us feeling lightheaded like traditional removers. It’s safe on natural and acrylic nails, and even takes off most gel polishes. The best part? The gentle scent means no one has to know when you're taking it off.

Title: PureRemover Wipes - Unscented


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How to use it

Hold the wipe over your nail for a few seconds, then swipe away color in an instant.


  • Biodegradable Esters
  • USDA Certified Organic Essential Oil Blend