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FaceOff Cloth FaceOff Cloth Ultimate Cleansing Cloth 1

FaceOff Cloth

TowelIOff is a super absorbent lightweight hair towel. Our unique microfibre technology has super wicking abilities and greatly reduces hair drying time. No wringing out, squeezing, or rubbing. TowelOff removes extra moisture and leaves your hair just damp,  ready to be blow dried or air dried. The button and loop design makes it comfortable and easy to use, It is perfect for long, short, straight, curly or wavy hair, and prevents breakage and frizz, thus promoting hair health.

It is ideal while applying make up, getting dressed, in the bath, spa or sauna.

*Odour free and machine washable. 

*stays securely on the head *less bulky than a regular towel

*cuts down on drying time

*Microfibre 80% 20%polyamide 


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