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Body Wash Sheets (10 Pack) Summer - Full Size Sample - 10 Pack 1

Body Wash Sheets (10 Pack)

Little package, big clean. PLUS Body Wash is a no-bottle, single-serve cleanser
housed in a 100% dissolvable sachet. Rich in aloe leaf, eucalyptus, and shea butter,
PLUS Body Wash creates a transcendent shower experience that cares for your body
and the planet. Just add water.

Size: Body Wash Sheets - Summer (10 Pack)


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How to use it

Get the water just right and hop in the shower. Tear open the sachet with dry hands,
remove the body wash square, and drop the empty sachet to the bottom of your shower
to let it dissolve. Add a small amount of water to the body wash square, lather, and
wash away.
Expert tip: To get the most out of one square of body wash, use a loofah or washcloth
to amplify the suds.