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Real Chemistry Environmental Rescue Rich Cherry Lip Peel Real Chemistry Environmental Rescue Rich Cherry Lip Peel 1
Real Chemistry

Real Chemistry Environmental Rescue Rich Cherry Lip Peel

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Made with a modified, edible version of Real Chemistry’s original peel formula and enhanced with Ganoderma Lucidum and other powerful anti-oxidants, the Real Chemistry Environmental Rescue Rich Cherry Lip Peel gently removes excess or flaky lip tissue, revealing a smooth canvas for lip conditioners and color. This powerful but gentle lip peel resurfaces the lips using only edible ingredients (we still suggest you not eat it!), and leaves lips healthy, plump, supple and silky. It’s possible you have never experienced your very best lips. Discover what’s under there and enjoy what you find!


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How to use it

Using the needle-nose tip apply a thin line of peel on top and bottom lip. Ensure lips and surrounding tissue are damp. We suggest having water nearby or using the lip peel in the shower, to ensure adequate access to water for activation. Keeping your mouth closed with pursed lips and using damp/wet hands, apply gentle pressure to the entire mouth area while you massage the peel into the lips and surrounding area, but do not “rub” your skin. Within 15-20 seconds, solids should form under the fingertips. This means the peel is activating correctly and is now combining with your dead tissue (proteins). The solids you feel are a combination of the peel and the epidermal tissue. The peel is applied as a gel and removed as small solids, after having combined with the dead tissue. Massage for 1-3 minutes to ensure that all of the product has combined with as much excess lip tissue as possible and that no peel has been wasted. Rinse with warm water, gently cleanse the lips and surrounding tissue, rinse again with cool water, to ensure the peel is completely removed. Peel lips as often as daily, but 3x per week is optimal and produces exquisite, enviable results!


  • Deionized Water/ Aqua Propylene Glycol Ganoderma Sinensis Extract Carbomer Lauroyl PG-Trimonium Chloride Phenoxyethanol Sodium Benzoate Ethylhexylglycerin PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil Polyglutamic Acid Fragrance Sodium Hyaluronate