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TIRTIR Bubble Toner Bubble Toner Pouch (4 toners) 1

TIRTIR Bubble Toner

These bubble toners have a unique texture that provides an easy, soothing, and comfortable application. Each toner helps to target different skin concerns: Calm Down - great for hydration and pore tightening, features witch hazel extract for pore tightening, polyglutamic acid for hydration and panthenol for skin soothing Cica Care - great for balancing and strengthening skin barrier, features a CICA complex to brighten skin and centella asiatica water for skin soothing VC Vita - great for brightening and clearing, features tangerine extract for skin vitality and niacinamide for brightening Collagen - great for plumping and firming the skin and targeting wrinkles, features adenosine for wrinkle improvement, plant collagen, and hyaluronic acid for moisture

Title: Calm Down Bubble Toner


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How to use it

After cleansing, apply directly to your face using hands or a cotton pad, and gently press into skin. Follow with essence, serum, then moisturizer.