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Tulsi & Ashwagandha Adaptogen Body Oil Tulsi & Ashwagandha Adaptogen Body Oil 1

Tulsi & Ashwagandha Adaptogen Body Oil

This adaptogen-infused oil will make you feel like a god(dess)! Apoterra fans cannot get enough. Maybe it's the intoxicating essential oil blend of tulsi, lavender, and sweet orange. Or maybe it's the perfectly lightweight & rejuvenating organic oil blend. What we can report is an overwhelming sense of calm and baby-soft skin. Pile on top of that, the benefits of adaptogens tulsi, ashwagandha + lavender which help the body & mind cope with stress, and combat environmental stressors that can lead to skin aging and skin damage.


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  • Soothe Irritation
  • Aromatherapy

How to use it

Massage liberally over skin. This body oil is best used directly after a shower or bath, when skin is still damp, to help seal in moisture. You can also use it as a massage oil or bath oil.

Apoterra body oil is not just about skin care, it is also about self-care. They designed this to not only give skin a silky smooth finish, but to provide an aromatherapy experience. The essential oil blend is adaptogenic and will help relax your nerves and give you a boost of positive energy.