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Hydrating Shampoo Hydrating Shampoo 1

Hydrating Shampoo

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Sure, shampoos are supposed to get out all the gunk, oil, dirt, and product buildup, but sometimes they also wash out the oils our hair needs. Both cleansing *and* hydrating, this hydrolyzed quinoa- and sunflower seed extract-infused formula offers a gentle cleanse while delivering moisture back to your strands for soft, smooth, and tangle-free hair. As soon as it comes in contact with water, it foams up into a rich, decadent lather that makes showering feel more pampering than usual. The suds give you clean strands that don't ever feel stripped—just lighter and more manageable. Good news for those who color their hair: It even helps preserve your dye job and protect locks during heat styling.


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  • Hydrating
  • Nourishing

How to use it

Massage a small amount onto wet hair until you create a lather. Rinse well and follow with the Hydrating Conditioner.