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Flower Balm Flower Balm - Purple 1
Winky Lux

Flower Balm

2 reviews
The bullet in this adorably shaped lipstick might appear clear to the naked eye, but one swipe on your pout and it'll transform to create a pink hue unique to your lips. The magic is in the pH-adjusting technology, which means that the formula reacts to your body's chemistry to create a custom shade—it might be rosier on you but then lighter on your best friend. As if that isn't mesmerizing enough, somehow Winky Lux also managed to place a beautiful flower (you can choose your preferred color) in the center of the balm, so it looks as good in the tube as when you wear it. Beyond that, the delicious coconut scent also makes it a delight to apply every time.


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How to use it

Apply to lips directly and watch as it transforms.