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Winky Lux Glazed Lips Donut Lip Gloss Coffee Glaze Lip Gloss 1
Winky Lux

Winky Lux Glazed Lips Donut Lip Gloss

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Offering shine, a dash of shimmer, and a delicious scent, there's a reason why they call this gloss Glazed Lips Donut. Beyond its lacquer-like finish that never feels sticky, it also provides semisheer pigment and hydration with a coconut- and jojoba-rich formula. Just a swipe is all you need for a flattering hint of color that accentuates the natural look of your pout. It can even be worn as a top coat over your lipstick to add some sheen, instantly transforming the shade.

Title: Glazed Lips Donut Lip Gloss - Sugar


Coming soon

How to use it

Apply directly to lips. Can be worn alone or over an existing lipstick shade.