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Acca Kappa	Military Style Hairbrush - Firm

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For a little extra leverage when wrangling thick or course hair, switch to the Acca Kappa Club Style Hair Brush.

Acca Kappa

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Birchbox Breakdown

Give your routine a touch of martial discipline with this military style brush, a modern take on the age-old model that served your father and his father before him. Its timeless design features a handle of durable Kotibe wood, and boar hair bristles for smooth, steady strokes.

How it Works

While plastic bristles can cause damage and irritation, boar bristles naturally massage your scalp, and distribute your hair’s natural oils for a smoother, more lustrous look. Additionally, the compact military style makes this brush a handy space-saver when thrown in a bag or shave tote.

How to Use

Start by running your fingers lightly through your hair to remove any tangles. Next, run the brush through your hair in long strokes, starting from the scalp and brushing outward toward the ends. Repeat in small sections until all hair has been brushed.

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I Need A Brush...

After growing my hair out. I haven't had one in years! This brush is the real deal and it feels so good to have my hair brushed I must admit. It also reminds me of my father when he was in the military. Enjoy!

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