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Leave your chunky wallet at home and stash your essentials in this sleek (and DIY!) La Pouchette.

For the Makers

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Let’s face it: Disposable bags are just not good for the environment. Plus, they’re not necessarily the cutest accessory. Go green and look fabulous at the same time with this DIY tie-dye market tote from For the Makers. This kit includes a cotton tote bag, natural dye, and unlimited possibilities to create a design and pattern that’s all your own.

How it Works

The step-by-step tutorial makes it easy to fold your tote bag into a pattern, dip dye your fabric, and let dry to unveil a chic bag that is guaranteed to make everyone jealous at the farmer’s market.

How to Use

Thanks to the light cotton material, this tote bag folds up super tiny so you can stash it in your purse until you’re ready to use it. Just unfold and stash with artisan breads and locally grown goodies of your choice.

cotton tote bag in white, natural fabrics dye in gunmetal, rubber bands

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No way- total pain, too much work

Got it and read the directions and wished I had sent it back. UGh no way do I have time for this, what was I thinking. Maybe would be great for a teacher doing tie dye in class some time? ;(

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DIY!!! cant wait

Can't wait to try out this new DIY market tote. I love that u get to make it how u want it. Can't be disappointed!!:)

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