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Shashi Maya Bracelet Neon Orange/Black Spinel Rose Gold Shashi Maya Bracelet Maya Bracelet Teal/Pyrite Yellow Gold Shashi Maya Bracelet Maya Bracelet Maya Bracelet Multi White Gold

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To double up on arm candy, wear this piece alongside Shashi’s Nugget Bracelet.


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  • 7–8 in. long   
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Birchbox Breakdown

Variety really is the spice of life. This eclectic bracelet by Shashi has multiple funky personalities—and we love them all. It features one string of glittering gems, one oh-so-delicate metallic chain, and a colorful braided cord that somehow ties it all together.

How it Works

This stunning three-in-one bracelet evokes a readymade stack-of-bangles look. Choose from three color mashups: teal, orange, and multi.

How to Use

Secure the bracelet on your wrist with the dainty metallic clasp. Wear alone or mixed in with your other bangles.

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