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If you love this pattern, but would like a little more room, get it in the Kate Spade Saturday Triangle Cosmetic Case.

Kate Spade Saturday Rectangle Cosmetic Case in Cross Dots

$25.00 Ships Free
3.88 in. high x 8.5 in. long x 3.38 in. deep

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Birchbox Breakdown

We could make a case for this cosmetic bag, but we would obviously be wasting our breath—the vibrant, polka-dotted case speaks for itself (and beautifully, may we add). With colorful, overlapping dots, the exterior is just as fun and covetable as the makeup essentials you plan to store inside.

How to Use

Long and lean, the PVC case (with a shiny black patent trim) zips up to securely hold your favorite products.

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I wanted to love this cosmetic case, however it wasn't designed very well. I have lost very expensive brushes that have slipped out the side panels. If the side panels are clicked closed, I found I could barely access my make inside. The only way to access make up items inside is to open the side panels. If I forgot to re-click the sides, my lip glosses, mascara and brushes fell out! Over all, it's just not a convenient design, the case can't hold a ton of stuff making it impossible to zipper and the material is not that flexible. Good thing this was a free bee that came as a bonus if more than $50 or $75 was spent on other items because I would never spend $25.00 on this! Save your money and go with something more flexible and a case that zips completely shut without leaving any openings.

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The rectangular size is perfect for my purse or when I don't have any space in my suitcase, it always fits right in. It is small so it only fits a particular amount but for a quick pick me up at the end of the day or a quick trip, its perfect.

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