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Rifle Paper Co. Greeting Card - Joy Ornaments Rifle Paper Co. Greeting Card - Gold Foil Garland

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Why not decorate your card with Rifle’s delightful Holiday Stickers and Labels?

Rifle Paper Co.

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Birchbox Breakdown

We’re tired of browsing the card aisle at the pharmacy, trying to find one option that’s not totally generic. This year, we’re turning to these unique hand-assembled cards from Rifle Paper Co. The illustrations are classic and understated, and inside there’s plenty of room to compose your message of choice.

How it Works

Choose from three beautiful designs: The Be Merry and Bright Color Block card features merry stripes of color, the Joy Ornaments card pairs a dark green background with golden details, and the Gold Foil Garland Card displays a delicate wreath set on a pale peach background for a vintage-inspired look.

How to Use

Available as a boxed set of eight. Write your message of gratitude to friends and family, seal, and present the card by itself or with your most thoughtful holiday gift.

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Great holiday cards

Rifle paper company always makes great stationary and these Christmas cards are no exception. The card stock is of a very high quality and all the colors are vivid

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These cards are adorable! Very unique. Only downside is the price, but if you don't need to send a lot of cards/you have a promo code it's worth it.

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So cute!

I love these cards! I bought the "JOY" ornament set and am super pleased with them. The lettering & some detail is gold foil – perfect for adding a bit of holiday cheer to snail mail.  I'm really excited to send them out this holiday!

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