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Shashi Barbara 1-Row Bracelet - Black/Gold Shashi Barbara 1-Row Bracelet - Black/White

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Birchbox Breakdown

Striped, banded, barred: Whatever you call it, we’re suckers for this classic pattern. Shashi’s delicate bracelet gives an elegant take on the classic two-tone—accented with a colorful tassel that lends the look a little lighthearted flirtiness.

How it Works

Dainty seed beads in alternating shades give this bracelet a clean simplicity, while a brightly hued tassel amps up the fun. An adjustable clasp lets you fit it as snugly (or loosely) as you’d like.

How to Use

Fasten around wrist and you’re ready to go! The two neutral color combos match any outfit (and your other jewelry too).

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