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Skinny Cool Runnings Set of 3 Stackable Rings - Size 7

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For a warmer take on this winning look, scoop up Skinny Set of 3 Stackable Rings - Gold Swarovski Series – Go For the Gold.


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  • Set of 3: Blue Montana Baguette Stackable Ring, Silver Diamond Stackable Ring, Black Diamond Teardrop Stackable Ring   
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Birchbox Breakdown

This delicate ring trio adds instant cool to any ensemble—both in terms of hue, with its blue-based color palette, and in terms of style, with its effortlessly chic, mismatched-yet-coordinated vibe. With its three complimentary rings, it’s a great starter set for those new to the rings stacking trend—and a perfect jumping off point if you’re looking to mix in more bling of your own.

How it Works

The three sleek bands made of gold-plated brass, with subtle scallop detailing. Each ring is set with a Swarovski crystal in a different shape and cool-toned color: a [Black Diamond Swarovski Teardrop Stackable Ring](product: 11207), a [Blue Montana Swarovski Baguette Stackable Ring](product: 11185), and a [Silver Swarovski Square Stackable Ring](product: 11191).

How to Use

This rings are made for stacking. Stick with these three (in any order you like) or personalize the look with added baubles.

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Cute set of rings.

This is a fun little set of rings for everyday wear. Great gift idea for someone with the holidays too. I prefer to wear all three together but they can be worn any way you want. The finish and stone colors look nice.

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These little ditties make you want to sing one. Moody and an easy way to make a bold statement with out coming on to strong.

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