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Sugar Paper Border Placecards - Silver Sugar Paper Border Placecards - Red Sugar Paper Border Placecards - Gold

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Forego emails, e-cards, and Facebook messages in favor of Sugar Paper’s letterpress printed Holiday Cheer boxed set.

Sugar Paper

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  • Set of 10, each 3.5 in. x 2 in.    
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Birchbox Breakdown

Holiday season also means party season—and the opportunity to wow your friends and family with your hosting skills. Add a little something extra to your fête with these place cards, which give your table a bit of sparkle. Bonus: Assigned seating means you get to choose your neighbors (and play matchmaker).

How it Works

Each set includes 10 white tented cards with a double-lined border—choose from Red, Silver (a silver foil), or Gold (a gold foil).

How to Use

Brush up on your calligraphy skills, break out your best pen, and write down the names of your guests in the center of the cards. Arrange cards on the table, with one card for each place setting.

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