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Unlike traditional hair ties, these elastics don’t cut off our circulation when we wear them on our wrists. And yes, we’ve been known to pile on a few and pretend they’re accessories.

Alex & Isabelle The Bow

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Set of 3



Birchbox Breakdown

Most days, we can’t find the time (or muster the effort) to do much more with our hair than a ponytail or a bun. That’s why we love Alex and Isabelle’s hair ties, which add an ‘I tried’ element to even the most basic style. These soft elastics have a sweet bow that is feminine without being cutesy and keep hair neatly in place. The cute colors maximize the fun. Blair Waldorf, eat your heart out.

How to Use

These ties work exactly like your regular elastics, minus any hair snagging or crimpage. Just be sure the bow is facing outward before you jet – you want it to show!

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