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While we like both basic black and neutral beige, we’re partial to the two-tone layered look.

Alex & Isabelle The Headband

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Set of 2



Birchbox Breakdown

How we wish we had known about these headbands when we were growing out our bangs. Even if you’re not battling an awkwardly long fringe, headbands are still an excellent addition to your arsenal of accessories. Alex and Isabelle’s version is wide enough that it won’t dent your hair and flexible enough that it won’t hurt, even if you wear it for hours. Plus, the elastic looks just like ribbon, so you won’t be embarrassed to be seen wearing it outside your bathroom.

How to Use

Slip the headband over your head and use it to push hair back away from your face. While these are a great way to dress up your normal ‘do, they’re also perfect to use while cleansing or applying a facial mask.

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