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Before styling hair, apply a heat protective serum like amika Obliphica Hair Treatment, which is packed with vitamins and nutrients and will smooth frizzes and keep hair hydrated.

Birchbox Breakdown

We used to shy away from travel styling tools because we assumed they’d be too wimpy to get the job done. amika’s Go Go Travel Kit proves us wrong and looks good doing it. This mini (read: adorable) hair dryer and flat iron duo fit easily in our gym bag or carry-on, and style hair in the same time as our regular tools. Plus, how can you resist the pink snake print?

How it Works

The set includes a pint-sized Powerful 1000 watt ionic hair dryer that uses far-infrared heat for frizz-free styling and also comes with two diffusers. The mini flat iron has 100 percent ceramic floating plates that reaches 400F to straighten hair quickly without snagging or overheating hair.

How to Use

First, book a vacation. Next, pack these compact styling tools so that you can keep coiffed on the road. Or, do like we do and tote these lightweight stylers to the gym so that you don’t have to default to a ponytail post-workout.

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Handy and sturdy

"Travel" size does not mean inadequate! The air flow is great and the whole apparatus handles nicely. A cleverly designed dryer that's easy to use. My hair is shorter, but even for long hair it seems workable.

I could not get past the "snake" look however, a bit creepy. Kept expecting an apple to pop out from somewhere.

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I love the size and efficiency of the hair dryer and the flat iron. I have short, baby fine, thick hair and the dryer is very fast without feeling like I'm frying my hair.
The flat iron heats quickly and does a great job in setting my hair straight (I have a bit of a wave to my hair). It does take longer than a traditional iron, but that's to be expected with a small tool.

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Deceivingly powerful!!??

I was literally cracking up when I opened the huge box this came in because literally the shaft of the hairdryer was as long as my pointer finger (the mini straightener was smaller!). Out loud to my dog I literally said, 'there's no flipping way this will dry my (shoulder length) hair without taking a half hour for what I paid!!' I decided to give it a whirl because I am a consultant and am in a hotel 1-3 nights a week and it couldn't be worse than the awful ones in the rooms and it did have the concentrator accessory on it which I use at home (and I'd like to bring a smaller suitcase with me!) I used the round brush I take with me every week and turned on the tiny straightener (that literally took about 30 seconds to get searing hot) thinking it would take a while! I turned the thing on and it was quiet but HOLY COW was it powerful!! I wouldn't probably suggest it for every day use because it is tiny but it was AWESOME! I'm sure it has something to do with it being high tech but I've been SOOO frustrated with my hair lately but my hair turned out amazing, better than my normal (super expensive) hair dryer! The only draw back was that it doesn't have the cool shot but I don't care, I'll stand in front of the A/C unit. I didn't even need to use the mini-straightener and it's about 80% humidity today where I live! I would suggest that (if still available) get the free pouch from Tibi (the one with the NY skyline on it) when you check out that you get with purchase over whatever amount if you can- it doesn't come with a carrying case for the two but it literally fit absolutely perfect, even with the concentrator & mini-defuser in there. I'm literally going to take this with me on trips and to the gym! I'm pretty excited that I bought the regular size hair dryer from Amika as well if the tiny one was that great and also grabbed the free mini-straightener in the free gift section as my 2nd gift and now have a back up to use at home. Happy with my choices for sure!!

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Barbie's Blowdryer

The pattern is pretty and the carry case is cute. The straightener works well. However, the blowdryer is weak and very loud.

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This little hair dryer is tiny and fantastic. It takes me a little longer to dry my hair than normal, but not that much longer. I was impressed by the power coming out of this tiny thing. It's easy to pack in a gym bag, and works way better than the dryers they provide at my gym. I haven't tried the flat iron yet, but based on the dryer, I expect good things.

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Perfect for travel

Perfect size for travel and works well.! I have thick natural curly hair and use a diffuser, therefore I always have to bring my bulky hair dryer/diffuser when traveling. This saves so much space!! Spendy but worth being able to travel with a carry on and not checking luggage.

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Surprisingly powerful

I was shocked the first time I used the hair dryer. I received it as a gift, and only packed it on a trip because I had no room for my full size dryer. I couldn't believe how fast it dried my thick, curly hair. The wee little diffuser is adorable and effective.

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Tiny size, big on power

I have had very good luck with this travel set, the blow dryer is very powerful despite how small it is. Compared to my full-sized drugstore model, it dried my hair just as fast (if not faster).

The straightener is super small, but works very well. It is definitely better for touch-ups than for straightening your full head of hair (that might take forever), but it is well-made and glides through your hair easily.

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