Editor's TipEditor's Tip

To avoid clumps, wipe excess gel from around the base of the brush before use. This tiny extra step makes all the difference!

Birchbox Breakdown

Thanks to Anastasia's brilliant brow gel, our mission to achieve Brooke Shields-ish eyebrows isn't as impossible as we thought. This miracle-in-a-tube is fortified with botanical conditioners and oils to keep brows from looking polished without any flaky, sticky stuff. Use it over an eyebrow pencil for a touch of drama or solo for a more natural look. 

How it Works

This formula is free of harsh chemicals and contains plant-based ingredients like chamomile extract to soothe skin. Essential oils prevent brows from flaking and a film-forming polymer helps keep them in place without looking stiff.

How to Use

After filling in eyebrows with your favorite pencil shade, apply gel using short upward strokes in the direction of hair's growth. You can also use it sans pencil for a more natural vibe.

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