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Pick up a bottle of Petite Cherie perfume to wear the scent all day long.

Annick Goutal Petite Chérie Candle

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Birchbox Breakdown

In 1998, Parisian perfumer Annick Goutal created the fragrance Petite Chérie (French for “my little dear”) for her daughter Camille. It has since become one of her most popular scents and one of our personal favorites—especially in candle form. This candle delicately fills any room, reminding us of why we fell in love with the irresistible fragrance to begin with. Like all things from the insanely chic perfumer, the candle is housed in elegant packaging that features stripes of decadent gold, frosted glass, and the Annick Goutal logo.

How to Use

Light the wick and let the scent take over. Don’t forget to blow out your candle before you leave the room!

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Fresh and Lovely

I wouldn't wear this as a perfume, but I loved it as a candle. It smells like grass, peaches, and roses. It feels like you're walking in a fruit orchard next to a garden and has a definite summer feel, probably because of the grass note. It has a young, fresh vibe that fits the name Petite Cherie. I also have the beautiful votive holder on my vanity now. Bonus!

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