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Snag the tray’s counterpart, a bottle of Home Ambiance Fragrance – 250 ml, and you’ve got yourself a well-rounded gift.

Birchbox Breakdown

You already choose your home fragrances based on their appearance—why not take the next step and treat them like a décor element? Antica Farmacista provides a sleek accompaniment to its beloved Home Ambiance Fragrance. This nickel-plated tray keeps the scent stationary, while giving it (and your space) a polished look.

How it Works

With a decorative metal finish, this tray merges Old World charm with functionality. In between Home Fragrances, consider repurposing it as a mount for hand wash or a catchall for keys and change.

How to Use

Place the tray (and your separately purchased 250 ml diffuser) in your bathroom, kitchen, or anywhere else.

Nickel plated

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