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Want the tools to achieve runway-ready eye makeup? Try Antonym Cosmetics’ Eye Set.

Antonym Cosmetics

Birchbox Breakdown

The sheer number of brushes out there can be a little intimidating—but Antonym Cosmetics, the eco-friendly line from French-born makeup artist Valerie Giraud, has done the hard work for you. This set of essential brushes includes everything you absolutely need—and nothing you don’t—for on-the-go beauty.

How to Use

Apply color evenly with the medium eye shader, use the pencil brush for precision shading, and create a seamless transition between colors with the blending brush. The angled brush can be used with powder or cream shadow to line the eye, while the brow brush tames unruly brows and even doubles as a mascara wand. The contour brush has an angled head that’s ideal for shading and highlighting, while the blush brush is fluffy and round for adding just the right amount of color to your cheeks.

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