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Take care of your face too with MicrodermaMitt’s Face Mitt.

MicrodermaMitt® Body Mitt

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Can’t get enough of MicrodermaMitt®? We feel you. For a limited time, get a free MicrodermaMitt® Face Mitt with qualifying $35+ purchase of any full-size product(s) from the Birchbox Shop. Use code: FACEMITT at checkout.

Birchbox Breakdown

Flaky elbows and scaly legs are no joke. This exfoliating mitt works harder than your usual washcloth to get rid of dead skin and dirt. You'll have smoother, healthier skin. Plus, it helps prevent razor bumps and ingrown hairs. 

How to Use

Once or twice a week in the shower, use the mitt to scrub your body, concentrating on rough zones like your elbows and knees. You can use it in conjunction with a body wash or on its own—all you need is water to wash the dead cells away.

100% floss silk

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Every time I use the body mitt I'm surprised how much dead skin it scrubs off. Works great on the backs of my legs and arms at keeping the little bumps away

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Worth Every Penny

I've always had relatively rough skin, and I've struggled with keratosis pilaris for years. I took a gamble on this cloth because no loofah or other exfoliator has truly lived up to the hype.

This one TOTALLY does. It works best if on damp, not completely wet, skin, and I usually leave one leg out of the shower stream for a minute before scrubbing with the mitt. You don't have to scrub hard for the friction to pull dead skin right off.

My skin has never been silkier or smoother, and my biggest skin struggle - my keratosis pilaris - is lighter than it's ever been, and I have a feeling I'll never struggle as much as I did before.

Lastly, it is recommended that you use this product with olive oil soap. If you have skin problems, like keratosis pilaris or clogged pore issues, I wouldn't use olive oil soap at all, let alone with this mitt. Very few people can use pure oil soap without it clogging their pores. I use a regular body wash and let it all rinse off before using the mitt. That is just as, if not more, effective than the olive oil soap.

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The first time I used this, I could see a ton of dead skin come off. It really helped with the KP on my arms, and smoothed out some of the texture on my rear and thighs. I would recommend this for sure.

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Can't imagine life without a Body Mitt

I have very sensitive skin so when I was very young and my dermatologist told my Mother to get me a body mitt, she was extremely hesitant. I am even allergic to dove and ivory soap. She got the "Mitt", as we referred to it, and instead of it irritating my skin, it helped get all the bad stuff off my skin. I have been using a Mitt for about 30 years now. I use one for my all over body, and a different one for my face and neck. I will tell you that it is hard to find the perfect Mitt for you, but I would be very surprised if you did not love the MicrodermaMitt® Body Mitt. AMAZING!!!

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Best exfoliation product ever made!

I struggle with dry skin YEAR ROUND. Since it's that time if year to show some skin and use a little self tanner I really needed to exfoliate big time. I ordered this on a whim and really didn't think it was going to work. I ordered other body scrubs at the same time. You don't use this with soaps, body wash or scrubs. All you do is hop in the shower, get your body wet & start scrubbing. YOU WILL NOT BELIEVE how well this works. Seriously. I dont even USE body scrub products any longer. I only use this! It is AMAZING! Just be sure you keep it rinsed clean and follow the care instructions. This mitt should last FOREVER. It didn't cause any irritation for those with sensitive skin because you aren't using a product with it. It only needs water and your skin to work. I highly recommend this! I didn't take advantage of getting the face mitt as a promo when I ordered mine so I'm back to purchase it now. I would absolutely take advantage of the promo to get BOTH mitts if you really want to keep that dry skin under control no matter if it's a natural problem you have or if it's from products you use (for the face - drying out).

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