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Editor's Tip Editor's Tip

Don’t let your charger have all the fun: Add a little flair to your phone with the iPhone 5/5S case. Neon Pink & Metallic Gold Mobile Charger

$30.00 Ships Free

Availability: Out of stock


Birchbox Breakdown

Getting a low battery signal usually sends us scrambling for the nearest outlet—or wondering exactly how many texts we have time to send (or, we’ll admit it, rounds of 2048 we have time to play) before our phone shuts off entirely. But this backup charger from not only gives our phone hours of extra life, its bright exterior further perks up what would otherwise have been a dark moment. (Plus, it coordinates with any case: In our book, neon is the new neutral.)

How to Use

Plug into your iPhone, and let out a sigh of relief. Send that email, update that status, do whatever you’d like—you have battery to burn.

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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

Not even half a charge

This little charger is super cute- but that's really the only upside. It doesn't fit my phone whenever I have the case on and it doesn't even give half a charge.

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I'm actually using it right now as we speak...err..type!!

I have another similar product, but it's not as convenient as this one. My other one I have to remember to actually take my phone charger chord with me...the plug it into the portable battery. NOT BAN.DŌ! Charge overnight, unplug it and then plug directly into you iPhone!! Wireless!! Awesome and make you think why you didn't think of this!! Heehee!

Only thing is that it won't fit with my iPhone cover. Totally carrying this where I go!

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Not practical!

This battery is cute, and this is really the only thing that it has going for it. The battery will not likely work with any case that you have, I always have to take my case off to charge my phone. Also, this is not a practical on-the-go battery as it works best laid flat on a surface (ie. desktop). It is near impossible to charge and use your phone at the same time, and I really REALLY do not recommend charging in your purse, as the lighting port will bend which ruins both your battery backup and your iPhone lightning port. I also don't feel like it charges my phone in a timely manner. Save your money, this is not worth the money, even on sale.

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Great for day trips or travel

I purchased this as a birchbox add on and love it. Not only is it a bright color that will not get lost it will instantly recharge my phone battery, which is always important especially in case if emergencies. Great for travel

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I love this charger. super convenient and cute at the same time. it has saved my life and a few friends of mine! they have purchased as well ever since they used mine!

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