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Keep these sponges fresh and clean with the beautyblender® blendercleanser.

beautyblender® double

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Getting a natural finish from our full-coverage foundation has always seemed like an elusive quest. That’s why we love the beautyblender®, which ensures smooth, even coverage every time. You won'’t be surprised to learn that it’s a favorite of pro makeup artists everywhere. Unlike traditional sponges, the soft texture and elliptical shape of the beautyblender® allows foundation to blend into skin with a natural finish and no streaks. When saturated with water, the sponge will expand to twice its size, making it easy to cover your whole face and still get into all the nooks and crannies. Plus, using the sponge damp prevents it from absorbing excess foundation, so you won’'t be wasting any makeup. This duo pack includes two hot pink sponges: keep one as a spare, or use both with differing shades of foundation for contouring effects.

How to Use

Saturate your blender with water and squeeze out excess. Pick up a small amount of foundation with the blender and apply to your skin with a tapping motion to distribute and blend. Use the pointed end of the sponge to get into small areas near your nose and eyes. To clean your sponge, grab a bottle of beautyblender's® specially formulated blendercleanser.

latex free, non-allergenic, and odor free.

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Love beautyblenders!! This to me id the easiest way to put on make up. I literally just dot my foundation a few places on my face and bounce. Some times my skincare and foundation don't like each other and ball up but the beauty blender removed those bits easily. Another thing I love is using it with powder products because I can get my make up to look airbrushed. I have and will continue to recommend this product to everyone. Also another plus is cleaning up is really easy. This is a great deal I will definitely get this again if it is still here!

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Didn't care for the texture of this product. It didn't seem to evenly apply my foundation and I found it cumbersome to use.

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Really love this

I had never used these before-- and though usually I am too lazy and just rub my hands all over my face with BB Creme on them, when I wanted a more perfected look I would use this and it would come out FLAWLESS.

Certainly less cake-y.

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Love this product!

Perfect for blending! I've recommended this product to many friends, and all have said they loved it too! Thanks !

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Great Price!!

You can't go wrong with this deal!!! The beauty blender should be in every woman's collection!!! I wouldn't be able to apply makeup the same without it!!

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