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Especially when working with darker shades, be sure to prime your lid before applying shadow. We love Stila’s Prime Pot because it creates the perfect canvas for your color and keeps it in place for hours.

Beauty Is Life Eyeshadow Brush - Special

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Even if you have drawers full of shadows, mascaras, and liners, you won’t be able to get the most out of them if you don’t have the right brushes. Beauty is Life’s Special Eyeshadow Brush is one of our essentials. It allows us to highlight our brow bones and define our creases in just a few effortless swipes.

How to Use

To contour, choose a color that is a couple touches darker than the shade on your lid and apply in a gentle and fluid back and forth motion to the deepest hollow eye (note: don’t apply to the entire crease, just the outer corners). You can also use this brush to pick up a shimmery highlighter and dust over your brow bones.

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Pleasant surprise!

I bought this because my daily brush keeled over. It turned out to be a great purchase - it's softer that I thought it would be and a great blender brush. Price belies its value.

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first brush ive tried by this brand

This is a good brush to use for the crease of your eyelid. I dont really use it for anything else.

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Good brush.

I agree that this type brush is pretty valuable when it comes to applying eye shadow. I bought this one because I already had a similar one that I liked. I now use one for light colors for use near the brow, and one for darker colors to apply to the crease. It works well.

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