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To keep your shadow from smearing or transferring, prep your eye area with a primer. Stila’s Prime Pot is a favorite because it acts like a concealer and keeps color in place for hours.

Beauty Is Life

Birchbox Breakdown

Whether your go-to eye makeup look is neutral and shimmery or intense and smoky, one thing is for sure: you need excellent tools. Beauty is Life’s brushes are a makeup artist favorite for their quality construction and comfortable handling. The Standard Eyeshadow Brush has a full, round shape and incredibly soft bristles, making it the perfect all-around eye brush.

How it Works

This high-quality brush is made of natural brush hairs that are both soft and durable. The fibers are tightly bound with a sturdy metal ferrule, which ensures that they won’t shed.

How to Use

Use this brush to apply your base color all over your lid. It’s also fantastic for adding emphasis to the outer corners of your eyes or for applying a darker pigment in your crease to create depth.

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