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Before applying your shadow, prep with Benefit’s Stay Don’t Stray Primer.

Birchbox Breakdown

If you’ve ever attempted the perfect smoky eye, you know that this always-chic makeup trend is easier said than done. Luckily, Benefit’s Powder Shadow Brush takes the fuss out of this tricky task. This small, angled brush helps you flawlessly contour, contrast, and smudge colors in all the right places. Plus, the long handle ensures you maintain a steady grip.

How it Works

Made from semi-soft natural hair, the densely packed bristles have an angled head perfect for pulling off both precise definition and smoldering smudgy looks.

How to Use

Dip the brush into your eye shadow, tap off any excess powder, and lightly press the color onto your eyelid. Add more colors for a dramatic creation, or stick with a single hue for a pared-down look. Use the angled tip to add a touch of highlighter to the corners of your eyes and your brow bone.

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Its okay

When I bought this brush I was hoping that the point/end was more fine for better detailing and control. Its not really any better or more useful than a regular shadow brush...

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first eyeshadow brush

I usually just use my fingers to put on eyeshadow, but for those times when I need a little more precision, I turn to this and am always happy with it. Definitely make sure to tap excess powder off before applying to lids.

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