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Brew a few cups of BijaBody’s Daily Beauty Tea to nurture your body inside and out.

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No need to fuss with teeny tiny teacups for your loose leaf tea. BijaBody knows tea drinkers can’t always take a timeout for tea—they need their cuppa on the go. So they created this gorgeous glass tea tumbler that works triple duty an infuser, teapot, and teacup, all in one stylish little package. (Raised pinkies optional.)

How it Works

A screw-on mesh basket keeps the tea leaves contained in the tumbler as you sip. Borosilicate glass (the glass you’ll find in Pyrex and other such products) can withstand very hot water, but is great for cold-brewed tea in the summer too. While this glass is durbable, it can still break, so treat the tumbler with care!

How to Use

Scoop one to two teaspoons of your favorite loose leaf tea into the tumbler, fill it with boiling water, and screw on the mesh basket. Want something cool and refreshing? Pour cold water over your tea leaves and add a few slices of fruit.


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Graceful, comfortable, useful, fragile.

I LOVED this bottle for tea and even just nice, fresh water. It fits comfortably in one's hand and is compact enough to fit in a purse. Sadly, it does not withstand dogs knocking over on a table. My heart broke when it did, so now I'm buying another.

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Great Glass Bottle

Beautiful bottle - I have to remind myself to be gentle with it because it is glass! Works great with cold teas and keeping them a nice temperature. If you fill it up too much it will leak a little when you drink (it mentions this on the box - tested and true!) so fill the water just below the cap line.

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Functional and Beautiful

What a great idea and it works so well. This has double glass wall construction so it's comfortable to hold. Cleans easily and it is sized for a woman's grip. This would make a wonderful gift for those avid tea drinkers. BijaBody products are so awesome.

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