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Stash your daily must-haves (and so much more) in the I Love Birchbox Canvas Tote Bag.

Birchbox I Love Surprises Canvas Tote

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14 ¾" x 16 ½"

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Birchbox Breakdown

We’ve been known to wear our heart on our sleeve—but that was before we knew we had the option of wearing it on this bright canvas tote. This exclusive-to-Birchbox bag has plenty of room for all our essentials, and the Birchbox-branded heart shows off our beauty allegiances—and sense of adventure—in style.

How to Use

This canvas tote is a bold teal, from its handles to its sturdy seams. One side has white stripes (and a sleek, sewn-on Birchbox tag) while the other side proclaims your love of surprises with block letters and a Birchbox-branded heart graphic.

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