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Pick up a custom Birchbox makeup palette to keep inside your new pouch.

Birchbox Makeup Bag

$14.50 Ships Free
10" x 6"

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Birchbox Breakdown

Whether you’re dashing around town or the world, make sure you have your beauty musts on hand. (Ours: under eye brightener and lip gloss.) Whatever yours are, keep them tidy in this utilitarian cool Birchbox bag. It’s big enough to fit your favorite blush brush and eyeliner, and sturdy enough that you won’t have to worry about tossing it in your favorite tote.

How to Use

Toss out your dingy old makeup bag and replace it with this spiffy new one. Carry it with you at all times.

These bags are no longer available for individual sale, but can be purchased as part of the Gorgeous on the Go Limited Edition box.

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