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When you’re done tidying up your desk, toss your on-the-go beauty essentials into the Birchbox Exclusive Pouch.

Birchbox Breakdown

The right framework can help us make sense of seemingly random events—and the same logic applies to the state of our desktops and vanity shelves. Create order out of chaos with this cheerfully patterned organizer tray. We made it with our signature mint-and-white Birchbox diamond design. The tray is made from translucent, durable plastic. To better suit your sorting needs, it has a variety of asymmetrical compartments—perfect for storing everything from your daintiest pair of stud earrings to that unopened tube of hand cream that you just know you’re going to need one of these days. Any day now…

How it Works

Get this organizer tray for free when you spend $55+ on full-size products in the Birchbox Shop. Just use code BBDIAMONDTRAY at checkout. Limit one per cart. Cannot be combined with other offers. In order to return any item in your order, you must also return the organizer tray.

How to Use

No matter what you toss into this tray, the result is bound to be aesthetically pleasing. The smallest compartments are the perfect place to store easily misplaced objects like earrings, while the larger sections can hold BB creams and mascaras—or, in the workplace, pencils and pens.

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