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Birchbox Breakdown

Your poker face may be unreadable, but your love for Birchbox will be on proud display with the help of these custom playing cards. Each slate-blue card is emblazoned with the official Birchbox logo. So now you can really hold the upper hand.

How it Works

This regulation card deck contains 52 playing cards and comes in a reusable cardboard case. The adorable mustache you see above appears on the card case, not on the cards.

How to Use

Grab some friends and settle in for a rousing game of bridge, poker, hearts—whatever your inner card shark desires. Then, let the chips fall where they may.

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Most Helpful Customer Review

Nice smooth deck

The finish shuffles nicely, and they look and play great. Glad I got these. If you're tired of the old bicycle cards, then these are for you!

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