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Birchbox Breakdown

Here at Birchbox, we take great pride in our creative team, but this time, they’ve really outdone themselves. In celebration of our June “Wanderlust” theme, our designers created five postcards depicting our four global headquarters (and one adorable propeller plane). These cards were such a hit with our subscribers that we’re giving even more away. Each set contains five unique postcards, and you’ll get five sets with your gift order (that’s 25 cards, for you math whizzes out there).

How it Works

Get five sets of five postcards each for free when you spend $25+ in the Birchbox Shop. Limit one per cart. Cannot be combined with other offers. In order to return any item in your order, you must also return the postcards.

How to Use

Printed on thick card stock, these postcards are perfect for popping in the mail. Jot down a note to your bestie while traveling, or frame and display them at home as inspiration for a future trip.

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