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For the same simplicity and a bit more space, try the No. 6 Wallet.

Bison Made No. 3 Wallet

$69.00 Ships Free
4.5” × 2.5” × 0.1”



Birchbox Breakdown

When it comes to your wallet, only the contents should be complex. This American-made card case upholds the less-is-more maxim with a minimal leather design. Three slots accommodate cash, cards, and an ID—because anything more will just slow you down.

How to Use

Made from 100% Chromexcel leather from Chicago’s Horween Tannery, this handcrafted case has a tapered shape that opens easily when pinched at the sides. It’s made without rubber or glue and branded with a bison.

100% leather with no linings, rubber or glue

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Simple w/ Style

I ditched my bi-fold wallet and upgraded to this one from Bison Made. It's a quality piece of craftsmanship that fits easily into my pocket and holds everything I need (four cards/IDs and a few bills).

My only complaint is that if you happen to drop the wallet, all of your cards fall out. I keep two cards on each side, so to prevent them from slipping, I slide them in opposite directions (one card left, one card right). This trick keeps them in there better, but I'm searching for a better solution.

The take-away: Don't be a clutz and drop your wallet (or practice your quick reflexes), but do get this to carry your necessities.

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