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For a beautiful vessel with a little more leg room, upgrade to a 32 oz. bkr bottle.

bkr Glass Water Bottle 16 oz.

16 oz / 3.18 inches wide, 7.88 inches tall

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Birchbox Breakdown

Minimalism is based on a single guiding principle: That simplicity and beauty are often one and the same. These glass-made vessels embrace that notion on every level, offering a stylish, eco-friendly alternative to disposable bottles and BPA-heavy plastics. Made with simple glass and food-grade silicone, these bottles are a welcome departure from the excesses of a disposable world. A 1.25’’ inch opening enables spill-free sipping, while a range of brilliant colors lets you rep your personal style. Best of all, a portion of each sale goes to charities like the Obakki Foundation, which brings the gift of clean water wherever it’s needed most.

glass bottle + silicone sleeve, food grade polypropylene cap + silicone gasket

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Treat Yo'self

I love my bkr(s!) so much. I got both using my Birchbox points which was awesome due to the price and my desire to use glass over plastic. Also, if the glass bottle breaks you can email bkr for a FREE replacement. Two great companies coming together to give you one great product. I have one of each side, don't have difficulty cleaning, love the colors, etc etc

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Serves its purpose at the most.

I prefer glass water bottles (easy to clean, no polymers leaching into your water, aesthetically pleasing, etc) but I'm clumsier than a toddler. I've had several different brands (I don't think I can list them here?), all of which have taken drops really well, some better than others. After about a month of use, the day finally came that I dropped this one. I dropped it from the height of my coffee table, precisely 36 inches, and it shattered. Such a short drop for this small of bottle to break!

But that's not what I didn't like about it. The lid made my clumsiness ever present with its stationary little loop. The angle at which it resides, for some reason, interfered with my opening finesse and I was always dropping it. I made quite a reputation for myself in the library with this bottle cap.

If you want to be well known for the dropsies, buy this little guy! If you like seeming in control of your motor skills, reconsider. I will say, the Mimosa color is a lovely peach that sent off the message I was girly and fun while also letting everyone know I've got butter fingers (and not the candy bar). Two stars for offering fun colors other than the standard blue, white, black, and puke green. Minus three stars for making everyone hate me.

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Cute, but not my favorite.

I love how cute this bottle looks, however it is smaller than most bottles I carry. The opening is not very big so unless you have a funnel it's a bit messy filling it up. Also b/c the mouth opening is so small you need a bottle brush small enough to clean inside it.

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Dirt and pet hair magnet

I received this bottle in a limited edition box, and I was really excited when I opened the box and saw this. It's a really cute bottle and the minty green color is really pretty. But... I have a dog and a cat, and their hair sticks to the rubbery cover. If you try to brush off the hair with your hand, the hair doesn't budge. If your hand is dirty or you set it on a dirty surface or if the inside of your purse/gym bag has any kind of lint or dirt, this bottle works like a magnet and everything sticks to it. Try to clean it off with a tissue and the tissue rips and sticks to it. If you buy this bottle, don't be surprised if you feel the need to toss the sticky cover and just carry around a naked glass bottle--that's what I did. It's unfortunate because the green color was so lovely. But not so lovely when covered in hair and lint.

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Best glass water bottle

My friend got one of these and I have used it. It's so cute and versatile, it's great to have a stylish glass water bottle option that is not going to break!

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