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Birchbox Breakdown

A wise person once said, “Design is intelligence made visible.” The beautifully designed Swedish Bookman quite literally illuminates your path. While most bike lamps require a complicated mounting procedure, the weather-proof Bookman LED light snaps on and off your handlebars with ease. Fasten this versatile light to your key chain or loop it around a closet doorknob—it’s a bike light, flash light, and portable (or permanent) light fixture all in one.

How it Works

A cut-out curve on the underside of the light fits snugly against cylindrical bike handlebars or the back of the seat stem. The fishtail elastic cord wraps around the bike and fits into the groove on the light, fastening the light tightly. To turn on, just press the big rubber button on the top. Choose between slow flashing, fast flashing, and continuous light.

How to Use

Make sure you’ve got a front and back light whenever biking in low light or the dark. It’ll help you see the road and other cars, and it will help drivers see you (duh). Detach lights when you’ve arrived at your destination to help you get your keys into the front door lock.

ABS Casing, LED Light

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So handy

These are great to throw into your bag, and you'll ride home safely in the event that you forgot your regular lights or left them at home on purpose.
The red light is also nice in the car if your passenger wants a little light at night to look for something.

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I spent $40 on a pair of lights from REI. These lights blow those out of the water. Bright, light and stay in place on your bike, these are quality items for cheap.

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