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If your mane needs extra nourishment, try EVOLVh’s healing StartSmart Leave-in Conditioner.

EVOLVh Ultimate Styling Lotion

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The best hair care products tackle age-old problems without creating a laundry list of new concerns. Case in point: EVOLVh’s Ultimate Styling Lotion. This light-as-a-feather styler tames frizz and keeps ringlets in check, without leaving hair crunchy or full of sticky residue. Bonus: it works equally well as a straightening aid. Simply work through looks and blow dry for a super sleek finish.

How to Use

Work a nickel-sized through damp, freshly washed hair and style as usual.

Atmospheric Water, pHytoBlend (proprietary concentrate blend of 20 herbs in an aqueous base), mallow, flax, marigold, camomile, cyclomethiconal, corn starch, citrus seed extract.

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There was nothing special about this product and I was hoping for more at this price point. Was pretty disappointed with this product.

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Curly Hair Dream Styling Lotion

Yippee...no more crunchy "Woodchip" hair (as my 18 year old stated many years ago:-). This styling lotion is fantastic for my extremely thick, coarse, & super curly hair! As a woman in her late 30's who has tried everything under the sun to tame my wildly awesome tresses; I am an expert in all things mousse, styling gels, creams, lotions, leave-in treatments, detanglers, volumizing potions, de-volumizing concoctions, frizz fighters, etc. I must say that I am thoroughly impressed by this fantastic product. It moisturizes my hair, defines my curls, smells lovely (not a strong fragrance to compete with perfumes and lotions), is lightweight, and all together perfect for when I want to wear my hair in it's naturally curly state! I have yet to try it as a straightening lotion, but I'm sure it will do just fine. Even my husband noticed a difference in my hair's look and feel & that is a miracle in and of
With all that said, the only drawbacks are:
1. The small sized bottle...I need a jumbo sized bottle!
2. The amount I have to use to get the desired ringlets (did I mention I have a ton of hair?). After sectioning my hair out into 8 sections, which helps me to evenly distribute this divine styling lotion, I found I used A LOT more than recommended! I tried several times to use it sparingly, but I did not get the desired effect, so more product went into my hair.
Even though I have these issues, it does not take away from my 5-Star rating because thus product is so good! I also want to say that this all natural, vegan, parabin and gluten-free formula speaks to my eco-friendly attitude and makes me feel like I'm doing a little bit more than I had been to save the environment. I even donated the products I will not be using anymore to the local homeless shelter. Paying it forward all because of this gem of a hair product!

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Keeps my hair smooth and healthy looking

After enjoying the shampoo and conditioner, I decided to try the styling lotion. I put a quarter size amount (hair to mid back) and run it through wet hair after the shower. My hair was looking dry after my new move, but now it looks better than ever with the help of Evolvh.

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Love it!

Just like the shampoo and conditioner, I love this. It smells great (clean, not floral or perfumey). It leaves my hair soft, bouncy, battles static, and calms my fly-away strays. It's definitely a soft hold gel. It's not sticky or heavy.

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Love it!

I love this shampoo! It makes your hair feel so smooth and sleek. Great for summer humidity, it helps control the frizz.

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