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Keep the 40 ml bottle in your purse, and grab the matching 60 ml bottle to stock your bathroom shelf.


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Some scents fade quicker than you can say “eau de toilette,” but this one lasts all day. Master Perfumer Thierry Wasser was inspired by his young niece to create this modern interpretation of Guerlain’s classic scent — which debuted way back in 1925 — after she challenged him to create a Shalimar for her. The resulting fragrance is a gorgeous blend of amber and floral notes. Leave it to the French to create a perfume that lingers well past your evening commute.

How to Use

A little goes a long way. One or two spritzes on your wrists and neck will keep you smelling lovely and fragrant for hours.

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Heady and mysterious without being overpowering

I tend to be pretty fickle when it comes to scents... I'm a tomboy and don't like anything too flowery smelling - most perfumes are just too girly for me, and the "clean fresh!" perfumes for us "sporty" types are too citrus-y. This scent has a wonderful combo of musk and wood, with a very slight powder aftersmell. It's opulent without being overpowering. It reminds me of silk-padded wallpaper and ball gowns, but without being too old and fuddy-duddy. It's a winter or evening perfume - not sure I'd wear it just hanging around or on the day I wear jeans to the office.

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fun, flirty, and sophisticated

I like this perfume a lot - at first it reminds me a bit of lemon meringue, and then there is smooth iris and vanilla with a touch of biscuitty-nutty-yumminess that lasts all day. It's a bit gourmand and a bit oriental without being too in your face or too frou-frou. Would love more modern classics like this!

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Smells better than...

Smells better then the original shalimar, but I just can not get over the dense powder and musk smell. I know it is a classic, but it just does not smell good to me no matter how many times I want it to. I do not understand the hype.

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