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JONATHAN ADLER Muse Candle - Muse Bleu JONATHAN ADLER Muse Candle - Muse Noir

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After your candle is gone, you can up-cycle each porcelain vessel as a pretty pot for your garden flowers.


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  • 3.5" high/13 oz candle   
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Birchbox Breakdown

While scented candles have long been a home décor staple, they can occasionally feel like a humdrum touch (and don’t get us started on cheap, cloying scents). Leave it to designer Jonathan Adler to light up the dull scene. Made with boldly colored wax, each muse candle has an alluring blend of scents that transforms any room into an oasis of calm. The candles are housed in elegantly designed translucent porcelain jars with sculpted faces and have two wicks to create a powerful glow.

How it Works

Muse noir owes its lusciously deep scent to notes of bergamot and black plum that mingle with touches of amber and vetiver. Meanwhile, the muse bleu scent has fresh notes of sea moss and sand grains that blend with hints of sage and fir balsam.

How to Use

Light the twin wicks and prepare to be mesmerized by the glow of the translucent porcelain jar as the candle burns.

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Though I didn't pay much attention to the measurements when ordering I was expecting this candle to be much larger. Still a very stylish and cute statement piece, just wish it was larger. The noir smells great! Very clean and almost cologne like.

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Ive Been Eyeing This Candle For Years And Was So Happy To Find It On Here! Splurged With My Points And I Def Dont Regret It. I Got The Noir...Smells Manly...Which I Like...And I Plan On Cleaning Out And Keeping The Container When The Candles Gone. May Even GeT The Bleu In The Future. If YourE Eyeing This....Buy It, Its Worth It!

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I am absolutely in love with this candle!! I redecorated my room and this blended in perfectly. I am planning on buying one more for my mom :)

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Jonathan Adler muse candle, by far my favorite purchase!

This is the best thing I have bought from Birchbox so far! It is well worth the price too. Beautiful packaging is the first thing you see, and then you open the box to a lovely fragrance. When this candle is lit the fragrance is still lovely and delicate unlike others I have and where you light them and the fragrance changes. Also when the wax burns down a little you can see the light through the amazing container. BONUS when I am done with the candle I will be using this container as a terrarium, with air plants and succulents and covered with a pretty clear glass jar! Thanks again Birchbox, get more Jonathan Adler!

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Work of Art

The candle is amazing. It is not only a piece of art to keep in your home, but it smells amazing. I love it, and I am SO GLAD I ordered it. Sells for more at a local shop.

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Aesthetic and Aroma Therapy

The bergamot, plum and amber hints in the Muse Nior are fabulous. When finished with the candle, use as a potpourri or fancy candy holder! A beautiful piece that makes for a great gift... especially to yourself.

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