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Always apply moisturizer to clean skin. We love philosophy® purity made simple™ one-step facial cleanser, which sweeps away dirt and makeup without drying out skin – plus it balances skin pH so you don’t have to use a toner.

philosophy® hope in a jar™ - 4 oz

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Birchbox Breakdown

The world of skincare is a battlefield, what with all the product strategy involved and dodging of potential beauty minefields. That’s why when we find something we love, like this longtime favorite, we stick with it. Originally created for professionals, philosophy®’s hope in a jar™ has been a best-seller for years. With a soufflé-like texture, it melts into your skin to leave your face feeling refreshed and supple.

How to Use

Use both morning and evening on clean skin. A little goes along way, we suggest starting with a small dab at first — no fear, you can always add more if needed!

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Severe Irritation and Lack of Results

I purchased this product a while back and had a terrible reaction. This is not to say you will have the same reaction, as many people swear by this product. That said, please look at the ingredients before purchasing. I broke out into what can only be described as a blanket of tiny painful bumps all over my face and my eyes turned bright red and burned. Yes, this is a personal allergic reaction. Still, as I use other products on my face and LOVE Philosophy body wash, lotion, perfumes, etc., I was very surprised to have this drastic of a reaction to one of their products. On a more board spectrum, I have family members who have used this product for years and are in their 60's. They love the hydration and the chemical smell does not bother them. I noticed a change in the hydration of their skin, but no real "Miracles", per se, in the overall appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, tone, etc. My recommendation is to try it out as part of a holiday gift set before spending almost $70 on a small jar of product.

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Not what I expected!

I love all things philosophy but this. A big old waste of cash. It is not a soufflé-like texture like the body cream which I use everyday. It smells something awefull and it clumps.
I have found way better and cheaper face creams from birchbox than this. I love the Embryolisse face cream and make up goes on like a dream with that. I also love love love at night and a little goes on forever..100% Pure Organic Coffee Bean Caffeine eye cream.

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Game Changer!

I have never been more happy with a daily moisturizer, than I have been with this product. Light weight formula. A little goes a long way. The name "hope in a jar" is the perfect description of how I feel about this moisturizer.

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Great Moisturizer

I use this product at night before bed. It leaves my skin hydrated, but not oily. I haven't noticed a bad smell when using this product.

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No Comparison

I have been a dedicated "Hope in a Jar" user for years. I am in my early thirties and I have not found a product that compares. I use it before putting on makeup and at night. It has the consistency of whipped butter, but it doesn't leave you greasy. It has no smell, and you do not need much, so it lasts forever! Highly recommended.

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