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BRIKA	Christine Marie B Blues Confetti iPad Case BRIKA	Christine Marie B Tribal Arrow iPad Case

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Digging BRIKA’s design sense? Update your iPhone with their Gray Chevron Stripe iPhone 5 Case by Christine Marie B.


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Birchbox Breakdown

Nothing humanizes the iPad like a personality-packed accessory. Show off your hardware’s fun-loving side with one of these artsy prints from BRIKA. Created by indie designer Christine Marie B, this lightweight case features a simple snap-on design that won’t scratch or rub off. It’s sure to brighten your next game of Candy Crush.

How it Works

The original design is embedded in the hard plastic, which means it won’t succumb to rubbing or scratching. Choose from two trendy pastel designs: Tribal Arrow or Blues Confetti.

How to Use

Slide iPad into top of case, snap on the bottom two corners, and you’re good to go.

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