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To make the woodsy scent last, follow your shower with a tasteful amount of Bvlgari’s MAN.


Birchbox Breakdown

Gentlemen, this is the Lamborghini of shampoos. And like the Italian automobile, it combines both style and performance. The two-in-one formula works on your body and your hair, and will leave you radiating a scent that’s both luxurious and rugged—not unlike the Greek jeweler who founded Bulgari in 1884.

How it Works

Notes of Calabrian Bergamot, violet leaves, lotus flower and pear combine with vegetal amber, sandalwood, and vetiver to leave you smelling like an enchanted forest all day long.

How to Use

Put a small amount into your palms and massage into damp hair or on body while in the shower.

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Most Helpful Customer Review

Love the fragrance

If you're looking for a soap to deodorize after a long, hard workout, this isn't your guy. But if you're getting ready for a big event, night on the town, or hot date, this is a go-to product. The fragrance is amazing. I like to layer it with other Bulgari Man products - aftershave, deodorant, cologne - to make sure the great scent stays on me all night long. Overall a great scent - clean and fresh but very masculine.

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