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For a pair of colognes with a little more pep, try the citrusy brilliance of Capsule’s Fresh Duo Set.

Capsule Dark Duo Set: Moto + Jaunt

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15 ml each

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Birchbox Breakdown

A man’s scent—like his gait, lilt, and taste in whiskey—should be uniquely his own. That was the thought behind this pair of scents, concocted with mixing in mind. One is a wild medley of florals and woodsy base notes, the other a dark and dangerous blend infused with leather and incense. Combine them as you like, and put your best foot forward…be it on dirt trails or urban concrete.

How to Use

Choose one fragrance to suit your mood, or use both to create a custom blend. Just apply a few spritzes to your wrists or neck, and remember: less is more.

Moto – SD Alcohol, Parfume (fragrance), Water Jaunt – SD Alcohol, Parfume (fragrance), Water

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